Empowering People to be Ambassadors of their Own Health Since 1997.


About Us

We promise to be BOLD in creating change.
We challenge you to be BOLD in your unique journey to wellness.


The primary goal of the Caring Ambassadors Program is to help individuals with challenging health conditions to become ambassadors for their own health.

We are here to help you—that is now and always will be our singular focus.

Our Values

Information empowers.

Patient engagement is necessary for optimum wellness.

Health is holistic.

Patient-centered care is optimal care.

Evidence-based information is necessary for good decision making.

Collaboration and integration benefits all patients.

Our Mission

Caring Ambassadors Program mission is to help improve the lives of those affected by challenging health conditions through advocacy, information, and support.

Our Vision

People with challenging health conditions are empowered to make personally appropriate choices to optimize their overall wellness day-by-day. Associated suffering and death are minimized through collaborative healthcare approaches.

Our Symbolcapture-mobius-lite
The Mobius Strip

The Möbius Strip was chosen not only for its simple elegance and beauty, but because of the philosophy that this mathematical oddity represents. Due to a simple twist in its geometry, the Möbius Strip has only one surface and one edge, making it a perfect symbol for unity and connectedness.

It is a symbol chosen by Caring Ambassadors as a reminder that all of ones choices affect ones overall health and that all aspects of wellness are inextricably intertwined.

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