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21st Century Understanding Cancer Toolkit: Coping with Advanced Cancer – Metastatic Cancer, Caregiver Support, Palliative Care and Hospice, Advance Directives, End-of-Life Care, Pain Control, Grief by the National Cancer Institute. (2011) Progressive Management.

A Patient’s Guide to Cancer Symptom Management by Carlton Brown, PhD, RN, AOCN.  (2011) Hygeia Media, Oncology Nursing Society. Paperback.

And in Health: A Guide for Couples Facing Cancer Together by Dan Shapiro. (2013) Random House. Paperback.
From the publisher:  “Here are engaging and digestible lessons for couples navigating the life changes brought about by a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer Caregiving A-to-Z: An At-Home Guide for Patients and Families (2008) American Cancer Society.
From the publisher:  “Organized in a straight-forward alphabetical format, the book covers more than four dozen critical cancer caregiving topics…”

Cancer Journey: A Caregiver’s View from the Passenger Seat by Cynthia Zahm Siegfried. (2010) CSZ Books.
From the author:  “A cancer diagnosis is followed by a psychological and spiritual crisis as we move through the stages of grief toward acceptance.”

Climb Back from Cancer: A Survivor and Caregiver’s Inspirational Journey by Alan Hobson and Cecilia Hobson (2004) Climb Back Inc.  From the publisher: “The story offers not only a living example of how to climb back from cancer, but demonstrates how to transform adversity into opportunity.”

Coping with Caregiving: A Guide to Caring for Your Loved Ones Without Suffering from Caregiver Burnout by Carolyn Stone and Annabelle Stevens. (2012). Eternal Spiral Books. E-book only.

American Cancer Society Complete Guide to Family Caregiving: The Essential Guide to Cancer Caregiving at Home, Second Edition by Julia A. Bucher, Peter S. Houts, and Terri Ades. (2011) American Cancer Society.

Final Journeys: A Practical guide for Bringing Care and Comfort at the End of Life by Maggie Callanan. (2009) Random House. From the publisher:  “From supporting a husband or wife faced with the loss of a spouse to helping a dying mother prepare her children to carry on without her”

Guide to Caregiving by Amy Goyer. (2012) AARP E-book only. From the publisher: “This comprehensive manual gently guides the way, addressing all aspects of caregiving, from health, housing, and legal matters to ways to handle the emotional transitions, where to find support, and how to care for the caregiver — you.”

Help Wanted: Caregiver: A Guide to Helping Your Loved One Cope With Serious Illness by Laura J. Pinchot.  (2010/2011)  Hygeia Media, Oncology Nursing Society. From the publisher: “A primer on in-home care as well as options for institutional care, the next logical step as the scope of care becomes too much to handle. You will also find information on financial and legal issues as well as challenges that caregivers face in their relationship for the person under their care.”

Self-Care for Caregivers: A Twelve Step Approach Paperback by Pat Samples, Diane Larsen, and Marvin Larsen. (1991) Hazelden Foundation.

The Art of Caregiving: How to Lend Support and Encouragement to Those with Cancer by Michael S. Barry (2007/2013) David C. Cook.

The Caregiver—the Second Cancer Patient by James S. Liao (2012) CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. From the author:  “Written by a caregiver who lost his wife to cancer. He hopes this book of practical, daily tools that he used will help someone else in a similar circumstance”

The Caregiver Helpbook: Powerful Tools for Caregiving, Second Edition by Marilyn Cleland, Vicki L Schmall, and seven other authors. (2006) From the authors:  “The Caregiver Helpbook is designed to provide caregivers the tools to increase their self-care and their confidence to handle difficult situations, emotions, and decisions.”

The Caregiving Wife’s Handbook: Caring for Your Seriously Ill Husband, Caring for Yourself by Diana B. Denholm, PhD, LMHC. (2012) Hunter House Books. From the publisher:  “The Caregiving Wife’s Handbook is a step-by-step communication guide to help women maintain emotional, physical and financial health in their unique role as caregivers to their dying husbands.”

The Compassionate Caregiver’s Guide to Caring for Someone With Cancer by Bonnie Bajorek Daneker. (2007) Self-published through Author House.

The Practical Caregiver’s Guide to Cancer Care: How to Help Someone You Love by Sara M. Barton. (2012) This informative and inspiring guide emerged from Sara Barton’s experiences as the primary caregiver for her mother, who lived with lung cancer for ten years.

Things I Wish I’d Known: Cancer Caregivers Speak Out, Second Edition by Deborah J. Cornwall (2013) Bardolf and Company. From the publisher: “In this book, practical lessons drawn from caregivers’ experiences are intermingled with their own words and most intimate feelings to forge a compelling narrative about the full range of issues you’ll face as caregiver or patient.”

When Someone You Love Is Being Treated for Cancer: Support for Caregivers by National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2012) The National Cancer Institute has this free e-booklet in Spanish also.

When Someone You Love Has Cancer: Comfort and Encouragement for Caregivers and Loved Ones by Cecil Murphey and Michal Sparks.  (2009) Harvest House. From the publisher: “Beloved watercolor artist Michal Sparks’ soothing paintings combine with practical helps and honest “I’ve been there” admissions…”