Week Ending March 14, 2022

If You’ve Hit A Wall Combating Dry Skin, You May Be Lacking This Vitamin
“Dry skin doesn’t only present as flaking. It can also show up as general redness, a tight feeling over the face, and even extra oil (it may seem counterintuitive to associate oil with dry skin, but some people’s skin can produce more oil to compensate for a lack of moisture).”

Nutrition Matters: The 6 Core Elements of a Healthy Diet
“March is National Nutrition Month, and Dr. Devika Umashanker, System Medical Director, Medical Weight Loss, at Hartford HealthCare, took some time to talk about healthy eating, the importance of good nutrition, and the “best diet” for weight loss.”

Does Exercise Boost Immunity?
“Could exercise be a key ingredient in preventing bacterial and viral infections and boosting your immune system? It turns out regular physical activity does play a role in keeping you healthy and preventing illnesses. That’s because exercise contributes to your overall health, which may help support your immune system’s functions.”

What Is LIIT?
“No pain, no gain. Push yourself. Go all out. When it comes to working out, that’s the mentality many of us have. Strenuous sweat sessions aimed at losing weight, building muscle and staying healthy.”

When you eat matters: How your eating rhythms impact your mental health
“Eating is an essential part of human life and it turns out that not only what we eat but when we eat can impact our brains. Irregular eating times have been shown to contribute to poor mental health, including depression and anxiety, as well as to cardio-metabolic diseases and weight gain.”

Can Alternative Medicine Help People With Asthma?
“During her time working with underserved communities in southwest Philadelphia, Maureen George encountered many unconventional asthma treatments, including the use of homemade botanical teas or tonics.”

More Evidence That Exercise Protects the Aging Brain
“Just a bit of exercise can help keep your brain in shape as you age, according to the latest study that shows how physical activity can benefit older minds.”

A Harvard nutritionist shares the 6 best brain foods: ‘Most people aren’t eating enough of’ these
“Much like the intricate relationship between the gut and brain, diet and mental health are inextricably linked — and the connection between them goes both ways: a lack of good dietary choices leads to an increase in mental health issues, and mental health issues in turn lead to poor eating habits.”