Week Ending April 4, 2022

Overeating? Mindfulness exercises may help
“We all experience moments of indulgence that lead to overeating. If it happens once in a while, it’s nothing to worry about. If it happens frequently, you may wonder if you have an overeating problem or “food addiction.” Before you worry, know that neither of those is considered an official medical diagnosis. In fact, the existence of food addiction is hotly debated.”

How to keep consistent on your workout routine
“According to a survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Zhou Nutrition, keeping a consistent workout routine is something many struggle with. Buzz60’s Elizabeth Keatinge gives us some tips on how to keep up with your workout routine.”

Castor Oil Packs: A Useful Natural Remedy
“For centuries, folk medicine has recommended the internal or topical use of castor oil to address various health complaints. Naturopaths and other holistic practitioners utilize this therapy to foster health in individuals under their care.”

How to Read a Nutrition Facts Label
“You may have noticed that nutrition facts labels on packaged foods look a little different lately. That’s because last year was the deadline for companies to make changes to the label on packages. The changes, which were called for by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in response to new scientific findings and feedback from consumers, represent the first major overhaul of the label in more than 20 years, which is roughly half the time the label has existed.”

Integrative medicine, the greatest complement to traditional medicine
“Integrative medicine aims to improve the health of patients through non-traditional therapies such as serum therapy, ozone therapy, neurotherapy, acupuncture, mindfulness, functional nutrition, psychological support, yoga or meditation, among others. In addition, it is effective against all kinds of diseases, whether it helps in the healing process or in healing.”

Increasing Knowledge About Integrative Oncology May Serve to Reduce Cancer Burden
“As patients with cancer have different levels of access to care and treatments all around the world, factors such as how quickly they are diagnosed and what intervention methods are used are largely tied to their location.”

Risks and benefits of sun gazing
“Sun gazing is a meditative practice that involves looking at and focusing on the sun. However, medical professionals do not support this practice because it can permanently damage a person’s eyesight.”

This Refreshing, Easy-To-Make Tonic Can Balance Your Blood Sugar After A Meal
“When it comes to maintaining healthy blood sugar balance, there is no shortage of methods to help keep your levels in check. To highlight a select few: prioritizing sleep, walking after dinner, and embracing the cold before a big meal (yes, really!).”

3 Hacks To Get Your Brain To Love Exercise, From A Neuroscientist
“Look, we’ve all been there: You’re familiar with the benefits of regular exercise, you pencil in time for a workout, maybe you even have your sneakers all laced up and ready to go—and yet, you just can’t get yourself to head out the door. You may tell yourself the couch is too comfortable; that new Netflix series is calling your name; or the oft-repeated promise, I’ll start tomorrow.”

The stigma attached to mental health prevents people from accepting it