Week Ending October 17, 2022

Navigating Rock-and-a-Hard-Place Situations
“Challenges: They often drive us to learn, to grow, to do better. These rock-and-a-hard-place situations seem to be cropping up more and more every day. For example, what happens when you spend more time fighting with insurance companies than providing critical care for your patients?”

Albumins as Extracellular Protein Nanoparticles Collaborate with Plasma Ions to Control Biological Osmotic Pressure
“Plasma albumins as protein nanoparticles (PNs) exert essential functions in the control of biological osmotic pressure (OP), being involved in regulating water metabolism, cell morphology and cell tension. Understanding how plasma albumins and different electrolytes co-determine biological OP effects is crucial for correct interpretation of hemodynamic disorders, and practical treatment of hypo/hyper-proteinemia.”

What to know about astragalus benefits
“Astragulus is a herb that people have used in traditional medicine for centuries. Some evidence suggests that it has wide-ranging properties and health benefits.”

Diet plays an important role in the success of immunotherapy
“Eating a Mediterranean diet, rich in fiber, mono-unsaturated fatty acids and polyphenols, has been associated with improved immunotherapy response rates and progression-free survival in advanced melanoma patients, a new study presented today at UEG Week 2022 has found.”

Running Is Good. But Research Says You Should Lift Weights Too
“Weight lifting and aerobic activities like walking, running or cycling are key to longer and healthier lives.1 A new study suggested that combining strength training and aerobic activities, even in later life, could help with disease prevention and reduce the risk of early death.”

What Is the Volumetrics Diet?
“Nutrition scientist Barbara Rolls, PhD, created the Volumetrics Diet in 2000 based on years of research. The resulting books — four of them, not including updates and translations — have sold hundreds of thousands of copies.”

Yoga, Other Mindfulness Practices Improve Blood Sugar in Type 2 Diabetes
“Patients with type 2 diabetes achieve much better control of their blood sugar if they participate in mind-and-body-practices such as yoga, a new study shows.”

What Is Red Light Therapy? A Detailed Beginner’s Guide
“Let there be light — for your pain, skin, and injuries, that is. The possibilities of red light to treat a variety of health and aesthetic concerns are just emerging thanks to interest from researchers, universities, and hospitals, as well as at-home devices that make it more accessible.”