Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with lung cancer?

You may be eligible to become a paid panelist for our new video series.


The Caring Ambassadors Lung Cancer Program is developing a series of videocasts based on our book, Lung Cancer Choices 5th Edition©.

Lung Cancer Choices: Learn from the Experts will contain 30-minute sessions broken into 10-minute segments. Each videocast will engage the audience with a captivating 10-minute presentation by our experts —the second 10-minute segment of the session with a conversational FAQ with the expert. The third 10-minute segment is a Q&A with a patient panel and the expert.

We’re now recruiting for a patient panel to participate in our first session,  “Nutrition in the Patient with Lung Cancer,” and our second session: “Integrative Medicine, Complementary Therapies, and Chinese Medicine in Lung Cancer.” Panelists will be required to review materials about the topic, develop questions for our expert, then participate in the 10-minute Q & A session.

Caring Ambassadors will share the videos on our social media and Internet sites.

We will be recruiting patient panels soon on other essential topics for lung cancer patients and their loved ones, such as:

      • Comprehensive Biomarker Testing
      • Sexuality and Lung Cancer

Participant benefits include:

Thank you to our generous sponsor