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 A Message from Cindy Langhorne-Hatfield


The Caring Ambassadors Program is pleased to provide you Lung Cancer Choices, 5th Edition. Through Lung Cancer Choices, we offer you a message of HOPE!

There are always “choices and hope” for all people facing lung cancer, whether you live with the disease yourself or are the loved one of someone who is. For many people, hope grows when you have the information and support you need to make health care decisions that suit your personal goals and circumstances. At Caring Ambassadors, we are committed to helping improve the overall wellness of people living with lung cancer through information, education, and personal choice.

The good news is that lung cancer treatment and management options have changed dramatically over the past decade by adding new targeted therapies and immunotherapy drug options. Testing to detect specific biomarkers has become more common as precision medicine continues to evolve. With more treatment options approved for various types and stages of lung cancer, it is essential to understand all your treatment options. Therefore, we are pleased to add two additional chapters for the 5th Edition. Chapter 2: Comprehensive Biomarker Testing and Chapter 14: Sexuality and the Lung Cancer.

Caring Ambassadors is honored to be serving the lung cancer community. We hope that the information provided will help you make treatment and supportive care decisions during your journey. Our heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to Lung Cancer Choices.

The Caring Ambassadors Program is grateful to our sponsors for their generous support for Lung Cancer Choices, 5th Edition.