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Lorren Sandt is a co-founder and the Executive Director of the Caring Ambassadors Program. She
managed the Hepatitis C Program of the Caring Ambassadors Program since its inception in 1999
until 2013. Lorren is a co-editor and a contributing author, to Hepatitis C Choices, 5th Edition, a
one-of-a-kind, patient-centered book authored by a team of more than 25 multi-disciplined experts
in hepatitis C. She has worked on policy changes at both the state and federal level since 2001. Ms.
Sandt is a nationally recognized leader in hepatitis advocacy. In 2013, The National Viral Hepatitis
Roundtable honored Ms. Sandt with the Michael Carden Award for more than a decade of policy
work on behalf of those living with viral hepatitis. In 2001, The Hepatitis C Global Foundation
honored Ms. Sandt with the Ronald Eugene Duffy Memorial Award for Patient Activism: for
leadership and mentoring of patients, making them advocates for their own health.

Cindy Langhorne joined the Caring Ambassadors Program, Inc. in August of 2007 as the Lung
Cancer Program Director. Ms. Langhorne brings over nineteen years of programmatic and
managerial experience in the field of lung cancer advocacy and has worked with public and private
community stakeholders. Ms. Langhorne’s compassion for lung cancer patients and their families
and her dedication to improving the burdens of lung cancer one life at a time are extraordinary. Ms.
Langhorne is a well-respected local, regional, and national advocate for lung cancer and issues that
affect those living with or at risk for the disease. Ms. Langhorne is also the acting Co-Chair for the
Lung Cancer Action Network (LungCAN®). The Lung Cancer Action Network (LungCAN®) is a
collaborative group of lung cancer advocacy organizations who have come together to raise public
awareness of the realities of lung cancer with the intention of increasing funding for detecting,
treating and curing the disease.