Lung Cancer Question Builder

What is Caring Ambassadors Question Builder for your Lung Cancer Health Care Team?

Old African patient paying doctor visit to review results from x-rays of lungsQuestion Builder is a tool designed by Caring Ambassadors that takes you through a series of questions you may want to ask your health care team as you navigate the journey ahead. We believe knowledge empowers – we hope that these lists of questions will help you understand your lung cancer and some of the health care options available to you. It is essential that you take ownership of your own health care decisions, and, to do so, you must be informed, and you must be an advocate for your own health. These questions will help guide your conversations with your health care team and help you gather the information you need to receive the best possible treatment and supportive care.

Lung cancer can cause a great deal of uncertainty, but there is a team of highly trained professionals whose job it is to help you with these difficult times. The number of people you meet and the information you receive about therapy can be overwhelming and confusing. For more information on building your team and the roles each individual has in your care, click here.

Using Lung Cancer Question Builder

Check all the questions you would like to ask, the program generates a customized list you can print out and share with the members of your team. The printout can be downloaded to your computer to save and print. If you are in a hurry and want to download all the questions from all categories, click here. Please keep in mind your health care provider will not be able to answer all of these questions in one appointment.

If you close your session without completing the questions and return later, you will have to start the questionnaire over again and re-enter your information to generate a printout. This is done to protect your privacy.

You are welcome to come back and use the tool as often as you would like. We know that you will have different questions for each team member. Consider emailing your questions to your provider prior to your appointment so they can be better prepared to answer your questions.

Start to build your list by clicking into each section below.

The course of lung cancer is different for every person. 

Regardless of your treatment choices, the Caring Ambassadors Program urges all people living with lung cancer to be followed regularly by a licensed health care professional.

Questions to Ask About Your Initial Diagnosis

Questions to Ask About Diagnostics

Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Providers

Questions to Ask Your Treatment Team

Questions to Ask About Clinical Trials

Questions to Ask About Your Daily Life

Questions to Ask About Sexuality and Lung Cancer

Questions to Ask About COVID -19 and Lung Cancer

Your Privacy

Your privacy is very important to us, and the Caring Ambassadors Program is committed to protecting your privacy. The information you provide while using our question builder is not stored. It is held in the server only while your session is active. Once your printout is generated and your session is closed, your information is no longer held. For additional information about the Caring Ambassadors Program Online Privacy Policy, click here.