Privacy and Terms

Caring Ambassadors Program, Inc. – A Commitment to Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. Our ongoing commitment to the protection of your privacy is essential to maintaining a relationship of trust between the Caring Ambassadors Program and you. This notice of our privacy policy is intended to help you understand our online information security practices.

Internet Site Visitors

The Caring Ambassadors Program internet sites may collect information about visitors to our sites in these ways:

  • through your IP address
  • through online or printed and mailed forms for events or other communications
  • through correspondence you send us via mail, electronic mail, or facsimile

IP Addresses

Your IP address does not reveal any personal information about you or your activities. Our web server host logs all IP addresses of all visitors to automate information collection concerning web traffic, usage, length of time visitors stayed, new visitors, entry and exit points, and the like. These data are used as statistical information for reporting and to find ways to improve our sites, programs, and services.

Online Forms

Any information you provide via an online form may be kept in-house for programmatic purposes, but it is never shared with third parties, except that which is intended to be (e.g., letters to Congress).


None of your contact information or any of your correspondence that you send via regular mail, online through forms, through email, or any other means is ever sold to or shared with third parties under any circumstances, and is used only to conduct our daily business in accomplishing our mission.

Data Sharing: We Don’t

None of the information we collect is shared with any third parties except as aggregated statistics for organizational performance reporting purposes, capturing and defining web traffic patterns, and website improvement, and the like. Information of this kind is never used to track or monitor individual users. Our sole purpose in the collection and use of these data is to improve the content and usability of our website, programs, products, and services.

Links to Other Internet Sites

The Caring Ambassadors Program, Inc. works hard to make sure we are linking to appropriate and accurate sites. We take full responsibility for the content of our own site and our privacy policy. However, we are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of sites to which we link.

Online Surveys

Occasionally we may ask you to participate in online surveys in the interest of accomplishing our mission. Such surveys are always on a volunteer basis. Should you decide to participate in a survey, the types of information that are collected may include demographics such as zip codes, age, gender, services received or provided, etc. Survey information is used only to improve our organizational and online services.

Online Purchases

Caring Ambassadors Program, Inc. may provide you with links to sites to allow you to purchase items related to our mission. Any transaction conducted as a result of those links is not conducted on our site, but is conducted on the site of the company managing the transaction through their online e-commerce functions. Therefore, Caring Ambassadors does not either see or collect any information about your credit card, and receives only the information necessary to fulfill your order. All transactions and transaction details are between the purchaser and the transaction management company, and Caring Ambassadors makes no guarantee about these transactions. Buyers are responsible to be fully informed about the policies of companies conducting online transactions, and will hold Caring Ambassadors Program, Inc. harmless of all disputes between the buyer and the transaction management company.

Contacting Us

If you believe that your personal and/or private information is being used other than for its intended purpose, or if you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or the practices of our site, contact Caring Ambassadors Program via telephone at 503-632-9032 or mail at PO Box 1748, Oregon City, OR 97045