Proclaim November

Would you like to raise awareness in your state?

It is easier than you think.

Just ask your Governor to proclaim November – Lung Cancer Awareness Month!


How to Start:

  • Start early, it could take several weeks to get a proclamation issued
  • Go to your states government website to find out the process for receiving a proclamation (this will vary from state-to-state).
  • Call your Governor’s office and ask about the process, who to contact, etc.
  • Email your request to your Governor with a sample proclamation.
  • Download the Caring Ambassadors Advocacy Tool Kit

Oregon 2014 Proclamation!

Thank you to Barb Ferguson for securing the Oregon 2014 Proclamation! We lost Barb but she will forever remain in our hearts!

Sample Text:
Whereas an estimated 224,390 new cases of lung cancer were expected to be diagnosed in 2016, accounting for nearly 14 percent of cancer diagnoses in the United States; and
Whereas lung cancer accounts for more deaths per year than any other cancer in both men and women, and an estimated 158,080 deaths due to lung cancer were expected to occur in 2016, accounting for 1 in 4 cancer deaths.
Whereas lung cancer is the leading cancer-related killer in the United States and in (State); and
Whereas in 2016, _____ new cases of lung cancer were expected to be diagnosed in (State); and
Whereas early detection of lung cancer can dramatically improve survival rates, but only 15 percent of lung cancers are diagnosed in early stages; and
Whereas funding for lung cancer research trails far behind funding for research of other cancers; now, therefore, Be It Resolved by the Legislative Assembly of the State of __________________: That we, the members of the Legislative Assembly, are committed to making lung cancer a public health priority by supporting advocacy work on behalf of lung cancer patients, those at risk for the disease and those in our communities who are affected by lung cancer.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, _______________________________, Governor of the state of _________________________, do hereby proclaim
November ______ to be Lung Cancer Awareness Month!

Share the Proclamation

Share the proclamation through Social Media and include background information on how you made this happen. The Caring Ambassadors Program made displays with the official proclamation in Oregon and Washington and asked local cancer center to display during Lung Cancer Awareness Month. You can also make posters and share within your community health centers.