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The Caring Ambassadors Program dedicates Lung Cancer Choices, 5th Edition to program founder, Ken Giddes and former Board of Director member, Jessica Steinberg.


Ken Giddes

Ken Giddes of Dunwoody, Georgia, survived nearly eight years after the diagnosis of non-small cell lung cancer. He died January 27, 2001, surrounded by his family.

Ken had a successful career with Republic Financial Corporation, which supported his development of the “Caring Ambassador” program, in which he traveled the country to meet other survivors and talk about living with lung cancer. Ken also was a “phone buddy” to hundreds of lung cancer patients and their loved ones.

Ken was our mentor and the epitome of a Caring Ambassador, reaching out to others who were struggling to survive a life-changing, life-threatening illness. Ken was and still is our inspiration. He inspires us today to continue the Caring Ambassadors Lung Cancer Program.

To Ken and all the patient advocates who have and are working tirelessly around the world for their respective causes, we thank you.



Jessica Steinberg

Jessica Steinberg passed away on her 50th birthday, October 7, 2021. She is survived by two wonderful sons who mean the world to her. Jessica was only 39 years old when she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She was determined to see her boys graduate high school, which she did.

Jessica was a vivacious and determined person who loved to help others. Jessica wrote and shared, “Empowered, My Journey-My Choices” to encourage and inspire others living with lung cancer to take charge of their journey! Jessica was not only survivor, but a sur-THRIVE-r. Jessica treated her disease holistically and was involved in multiple clinical trials. She believed that hope is contagious, and that music is powerful. She would say, “it’s time to put your brave boots on!”

Jessica served on the board of directors for Caring Ambassadors Program and offered a unique patient-experience point of view.  Jessica, you will be missed, your light will continue to shine in our hearts!